Drafting a new DNA for Tederic

Tederic, an APAC leader in the injection molding industry, called on us to overhaul their market proposition in the face of an ambitious expansion effort. Together we established a fresh new brand strategy and reorganized a future-proof product and solution portfolio forging the way towards international growth. Alongside the curation of a comprehensive corporate brand identity geared towards both the Chinese and global markets, our multidisciplinary team revolutionized the industrial design of machines to speak the same language, coherently unifying the new company in both presentation and practice.

In the manufacturing industry, there is an increasing awareness of design, in its broadest sense, as a strategic asset for companies. The product design of Tederic’s machines was developed in parallel with branding design to ensure coherency, impact and, ultimately, better business results.

Martin Franzen
Product Design Director

Innovative next-generation smart machines

Innovative next-generation smart machines embody the brand’s identity, expressing quality through a precise formal language.

An iconic, inclined triangular metal insert marks every piece, creating dynamism to suggest impeccable production performance, while a brushed metal finish underlines its intrinsic quality.

Creating a consistent language across all touchpoints, both online and offline

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