IoT integration for safe environments

Tasked with contextualizing the technology of a first generation security device based on radar tech, we partnered with Inxpect to bring their safety sensor into real-world situations through a companion app. Harnessing the power of IoT, we implemented a holistic UIX design to facilitate the use of their safety device under any condition, guiding technicians through the process of installation, configuration and optimization. With a tailored, tangible and accessible interface, new technology paves the way for industrial safety.

Our team thinks holistically about IoT and smart solutions. We don’t just design an interface; we think about the whole ecosystem. By designing this app, we were actually designing the first step in a process that a building owner may take in retrofitting a building to become ‘smart’ and more secure.

Andrea Desiato
Director, Digital Product Design

Clear, visual app design

The accompanying app features clear, simple visuals to guide users as they apply the appropriate pitch angle, optimize sensors and capabilities, and adjust for different mounting positions and heights. Straightforward visuals represent the different zones and detection levels.

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