Bringing the touch of technology to sound

For those suffering from hearing loss, everyday tasks around the house can present significant challenges, with many devices — from doorbells to microwaves — relying on sound alerts. To craft a people-oriented solution, our multidisciplinary team joined forces with the founders of IntendiMe, a new startup providing accessibility through KitMe an intertwined ecosystem of products including sensors, a smartwatch and an app. Applied directly to any sound source and connected via an integrated system, the sensors send alert notifications to a wearable smart device with extensive options and an intuitive interface.

Our challenge was to design a health device that didn’t look like one. KitMe’s simple, elegant forms reference the latest smart wearables and adapt to many users, situations, and homes, becoming a part of everyday life.

Martin Franzen
Product Design Director

The sensors are configured through the app. Every time the source makes a sound, the smart watch vibrates with a text notification.

KitMe was developed not only for deaf people but together with them, in a constant dialogue, listening to their needs.

An integrated ecosystem of sensors, a smart device and an app that adapts to different users, situations and environments.

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