Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the world, especially in developing nations, where healthcare isn’t readily available. To remedy this, an Italian startup ideated D-Heart, looking to us to realize an accessible phygital solution employing an easy-to-use ECG device paired to an intuitive app. With nothing more than an internet connection, our smart device sends its results to a telemedicine service for analysis by real doctors, bridging the infrastructural divide and complex systems to save lives.

A 360-degree approach to design

We helped D-Heart turn their idea into a reality by designing both the digital app, physical device and packaging of their game-changing, smartphone ECG device.

Packaging completes the product with a wireless battery charger embedded in the robust thermoform molded fabric case, protecting the device from dust and sand, even when on the road.

Every body is different. That’s why a new bespoke AI algorithm was developed to reliably and quickly read the electrodes for every patient, in any situation.

Andrea Desiato
Digital Product Design Director

Taking a social stance, D-Heart is used in cardiovascular screening campaigns by NGOs and private foundations, as well as benefit corporations in Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh and more.

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