ABB Ekip Connect Mobile

The new driver for digital transformation

For 30 years, ABB, a leading global technology company with more than 100,000 employees across over 100 countries, has partnered with Design Group Italia for support with product design, engineering and digital products. With the arrival of EPIC Mobile, an application monitoring and controlling industrial circuit breakers, they reached out to us once more for a digital transformation, employing innovative UX design to connect the app directly to a breaker via BLE technology. With this, the user can set up all parameters, protection thresholds and access to diagnostics, even keeping track of events, alarms and trip units.

Through the app, we wanted to facilitate access to information about the device and the system to which it is connected, optimising installation work and making maintenance easier to perform.

Andrea Desiato
Digital Product Design Director

Easy and intuitive commissioning and diagnostics

All system parameters and protection thresholds can be set up quickly thanks to the easy and intuitive navigation and user interface control of the software. Users can access diagnostics quickly to see records of events, alarms, and trip unit activity to help identify and understand issues.

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