Design Group Italia awarded for Össur Power Knee

POWER KNEE is the world’s first motor-powered, actively powered microprocessor prosthetic knee. Thanks to its innovative design and features POWER KNEE has been awarded ADI Design Index 2022: an outstanding recognition by ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale.

From early concepts to design refinement, our Product Design Team supported Össur’s R&D and Engineering department to establish a product that combines innovative technology, functional human-centered design and aesthetics into a holistic solution improving lives.

We are very grateful for this award that witnesses Design Group Italia’s continuous engagement on the path to evolution and inclusion.

The accurate and cutting-edge design work that makes Power Knee such an innovative product in the prosthetic sector fully responds to the main criteria of environmental respect, public and social value, care for usability, interaction and the overall concept Design for All that three committees of design experts from “Osservatorio ADI” considered to assign the awards ADI Design Index 2022.

ÖSSUR POWER KNEE read the full case
Watch the POWER KNEE video

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