From concept to creation and critical acclaim, we work with the world’s best.

UX and UI for digital touchpoints


IoT integration for safe environments

Tasked with contextualizing the technology of a first generation security device based on radar technology, we partnered with Inxpect to bring their safety sensor into real-world situations through a companion app.


UBI Banca

Simplified, intuitive mobile banking for millions

For a profoundly digital world, UBI Banca turned to us to create a comprehensive mobile banking strategy serving people first. Previously split into seven different apps, our goal was to piece together their complex features and identities to forge a single app elevating the digital customer experience. Through extensive customer research, design thinking workshops and in-depth analyses, we joined forces with the entire team, from local branch managers to C-level executives, to develop seamless UIX design and a sweeping digital transformation strategy simplifying the app experience for millions of users.


Pioneering digital payments

Pioneering the digital payments markets in Italy, together with Sisal, we developed a digital wallet application simplifying the payment process for consumers and businesses.



Leading the phygital workplace into tomorrow

We designed a touch screen display experience enabling remote collaboration to foster productivity and enhance teamwork. Our research for the project paved the way for a perfect platform especially meant to grow tailor-made software solutions, offering both the product itself and a consultancy and service package to ensure optimum integration of Frame-it technology.

Unicef Kid Power

Melding the digital and physical for a real impact

Using a fitness tracker wristband with a connected app adhering to a global initiative, through Kid Power, children are incentivized to exercise for points knowing that the more they move, the more malnourished children around the globe will have to eat. Our digital team designed the app, the e-commerce and a series of brand activations for the initiative.


Easy-to-use, connected pill reminder

Making IoT technology accessible for tech-challenged seniors, we designed Trillio as an easy-to-use portable device that looks like a traditional alarm clock, reminding users to take their medication. As part of a connected service ecosystem for the elderly, the seemingly simple device sparks a physical connection between patients, their healthcare providers and pharmacies.

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