Trillio and DGI at Frontiers Health

Design Group Italia attended Frontiers Health  with Trillio, a portable prescription assistant for which we did the industrial design, user experience, and interface design, front end development, and branding. We spoke to Carlo Brianza, CEO of La Comanda that is behind Trillio.

Why did you create Trillio?

We wanted to bring a digital service to people that are not familiar with technology: seniors. We know that the majority of them do not use smartphones and apps, while at the same time they would really need a solution to support them to respect their medication plan (adherence).

Trillio is the solution – an easy device, as easy as an alarm clock, so easy that the user doesn’t have to do one single action. Trillio is so easy and intuitive that it can be given in the hands of a 95-year-old lady without providing a user manual, and she would be able to use it immediately.

To summarize, we identified a problem, then identified the problems that prevented former solutions to solve the problem, and finally, we made Trillio. To reach our goal, we had to focus on the product design and user interface, and that’s where we were supported by Design Group Italia.

What was the most important contribution by DGI to the project?

We make devices, and our devices enable services to people. Our devices are a combination of how people interact with them and the services that they enable. There’s a strong element of experience in using devices. The final solution must solve a problem or make life easier in a beautiful way.

We could not afford the risk of failing in design. Failing in design means failure of the entire project. In order to succeed, we wanted to be supported by the best in class, and that’s why we are working with DGI.

A great team is made by great people. The whole team put a lot of passion into this project. There’s no way to measure the value of this passion in monetary terms. Trillio as we see today is the result of the huge amount of work by a wonderful team of talents. I am very proud of this, and I look forward to bringing it to the market.

Why Frontiers Health and Berlin?

It is key to create as many situations as possible for the ecosystem to grow. With that, I mean pulling together all the stakeholders: startups, entrepreneurs, industry, funders… This is the only way to bring innovation to the market fast and to benefit.

Frontiers Health is the main event in Europe dedicated to the health ecosystem. Many selected startups, supreme sponsors, experts and gurus all talking to each other, all with the same purpose. I am very happy and proud to be here with Trillio.

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