The UX Masters Challenge at TAG Innovation School

The Tag Innovation School in Milan holds Italy’s first master’s course on UX design. Design Group Italia has worked alongside Tag Innovation School to create the course curriculum for design students. The 12-week long, intensive course immerses 20 students into the world of user experience. For the next upcoming course, Tag Innovation School held a challenge for students to battle it out to receive one of three scholarships. The three scholarships are provided by DGI, Start Up Italia, and Valore D. The students split into teams and took part in challenges to test their skills in problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and project and time management.

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The challenges:
Create a story with the theme: Innovation in Italy. The story must include at least one comic and one element of mystery.

Build a bridge for a toy car. The bridge can only be made of paper and sticky tape. Students cannot practice with the car. You only have one shot!
Students must propose a solution to give hospital emergency rooms the best user experience possible.

Design a mirror for creating better self-esteem for the user. Pitch your idea.
​DGI took part on the day by presenting talks on; The role of design as a driver of innovation and the Internet of Things as an opportunity for physical and digital design. Alongside the scholarship, DGI will also be providing two students with a six-month-long internship.

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