Star Wars Movie Night

We organized a Star Wars movie night and invited our friends and family to see the Italian Star Wars-inspired feature film ‘Consign to Oblivion’.

It’s no secret that some of our team members really love Star Wars, and when our friends made a non-profit feature film ‘Consign to Oblivion’ inspired by the saga, we, of course, wanted to see it. We thought we’d invite our friends and families over to watch it with us.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to play a little, so we also created a digital experience to go with the movie, including augmented reality posters and a green screen, with which we ‘live-photo edited’ ourselves to the Star Wars landscapes.

The Jedi Academy brought their lightsabers and performed, and of course, there was pizza, Yoda soda, and a Star Wars-inspired soundtrack, too.




IMG 6804

Directed by Francesco Dell’Oro, Silvio Bergamaschi, and Alessandro Martino, and premiered on July 1, 2017, ‘Consign to Oblivion’ tells the story of two padawan protagonists and their long journey to become Jedi Knights. It is true Star Wars fan movie at its best, 100% imagined and filmed in Italy.

“We really liked their approach and their passion, the combination of their skills, and their ‘let’s just go for it’ attitude”, says user experience designer Cristina Paleari, who produced the event together with the rest of the Star Wars fan of the team.

Afterward, we held a little Q&A in which the directors shared little stories about the process of making the film.

Stay tuned for more – last movie night of ours this shall not be!



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