Smart Mobility World 2015

Smart Mobility World is probably the most important European event dedicated to sustainable, connected, and integrated mobility in the XXI century.

The event took place from 28-30 of October 2015, in an Italian location internationally recognized as a symbol of automobile innovation: the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The event was highlighted by the International Conference Connected Automobiles. More than 180 professionals attended and endorsed the event as the first in Italy to be uniquely devoted to connected cars. The event had over 647 one-to-one meetings dedicated to the promotion of business in the automotive and ICT industry field. Design Group Italia’s Digital Design Director, participated in the conference with a speech about connected objects.

The talk particularly fit the theme of the event as nowadays most cars have some sort of connectivity with the driver’s smartphone. This is creating new functionalities and ways to interact with cars. In the future, cars may have their own sim card to connect to the internet, to other cars, and to drivers (even when they are not in their car). Our relationship with cars will change. Cars won’t be just a means for getting from point A to point B but will be integrated with our ecosystem of gadgets together with our smartphone, computer, smart thermostat, fitness tracker, etc. Cars will also receive self-driving functionalities which means that we could use our commuting time to do other things such as work or reading the news. While we are busy we will be able to program our cars to collect and deliver goods for us when we are busy. The Connected Cars event hosted a hackathon that asked developers and designers to imagine new apps and services for the cars of the future. Two designers from DGI took part in the 24-hour event. Together with 3 other participants, we created Papilot, a concept for the safety of young drivers. The project addresses the needs of parents that lend their cars to their sons and daughters to go out during the weekends. A fear for parents is that their children may drink and drive. The Papilot system is composed of a smart ethylometer that is connected to the car, an app that runs on the car’s dashboard, and an app for the parent’s smartphone. When the parent enables the safe mode from the smartphone app, the car will ask the driver to do a breath test. If the driver fails the test, the car will not start and the parent will receive a notification.

Apps mockups: Car

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