Reaffirming global leadership
in fine mobility and beyond.

UTIL, a global leader in fine blanking technology, reached out to us for help in reaffirming the company’s position within the automotive sector, while also articulating its brand promise and solutions for new innovative markets.

Together, our Strategy and Brand Design team was able to develop a powerful yet simplified brand architecture comprehensively organizing and communicating the company’s evolution into One-UTIL Worldwide.

The result shows a rebranding with an up-to-date, stronger corporate identity, able to transmit this expansion to new business areas and represent diversified technologies.


Echoing the initial “U” to create a bold and impactful icon,
we established a stronger corporate identity balancing the brand’s
extensive expertise with a fresh and contemporary look and feel.
A new brand identity to convey solidity,
concreteness and recognition: ready to take on the future.

Tapping into the brand’s unparalleled expertise
and sharp leadership to fuel expansive growth towards new market opportunities.

About the project


Util Industries SpA



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