Pointing to the future

Boffetti, international provider of all-in-one solutions for energy, embarked on a radical upgrade in its business direction and brand image.

After some decades of activity as supplier and installer of third parties’ technologies, Boffetti started to provide its own solutions in 2007. Continuing on this direction and to revamp its strategy against competitors, the company recently undertook a significant R&D path leading to the realisation of its new product range, new headquarter and production plant.

Such a significant step and evolution needed to involve all company’s touchpoints and to clearly highlight the coherence of the offer and the new brand identity framework.

Our Brand Design and Product Design Teams created a modern, robust, corporate image and a range of first-class products: pivotal elements of the long-term relations between Boffetti and its clients.


Starting from a principle of consistency, we conceived a range of medium voltage apparatus and switchgears whose design language mirrors and enhances Boffetti core values.

Experience, efficiency, solidity: advanced technological levels are at the heart of the new products designs, sealing their style.

Functionality and reliability are granted also by a new synopsis, placed on the front of the products to communicate their technical specifications, through a systematic and tidy language.

All information is printed on the metal front panels to avoid confusion and wear and tear that the common use of stickers implies.

The renovation process has been total. The new tagline expresses a bold message:
a true statement pointing to the future and synthetising the company’s experience.
Light blue, yellow, white and black:
we developed an evolved visual system
based on the freshness and brightness of the new colours palette
to convey a simplified and modern look & feel.

About the project

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