From concept to creation and critical acclaim, we work with the world’s best.


Changsa MRI


We teamed up with a leading Asian producer to take on the Western healthcare equipment industry.
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Design for better life for a global leader in the prosthetics industry.
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Enel X Juiceability

Pushing the potential for mobility and inclusion

Fostering sustainable mobility, we collaborated with Enel X to engineer and integrate its mobility infrastructure, designed by Koz Susani Studio, for those with disabilities. Connecting their system of charging stations to electric wheelchairs via app and smart cables, the project received the 2020 “Premio dei Premi” National Innovation Award.


Easy-to-use, connected pill reminder

Making IoT technology accessible for tech-challenged seniors, we designed Trillio as an easy-to-use portable device that looks like a traditional alarm clock, reminding users to take their medication. As part of a connected service ecosystem for the elderly, the seemingly simple device sparks a physical connection between patients, their healthcare providers and pharmacies.


Brand strategy and retail healthcare with a crystal clear vision

Defining a design strategy for the inauguration of the first private chain of franchised eye clinics in Italy, we teamed up with Neovision to unveil unique retail healthcare spaces with a 20/20 vision. With new branding taking an innovative approach to eye care, treatments and illness prevention under Dr. Buratto are flanked by fresh service and spatial experiences.


Designing a digital lifeline

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the world, with a majority of deaths occurring in developing countries, where care is not readily available.
What if we could bring cardiovascular care to places where the infrastructure is lacking? What if that solution could also make the daily life of chronic patients easier?



We teamed up with an international leader in healthcare, designing a global e-health ecosystem for long term care involving patients, doctors, caregivers and equipment.
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