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Product Design and Branding for the Industry 4.0 Startup

Nebbiolo Technologies

Nebbiolo Technologies is a pioneering tech start-up offering fog computing solutions for Industry 4.0. Their technology brings the cloud-like infrastructure physically closer to the end devices (just like fog, too, is closer to the ground than clouds are) with real-time, scalable, safe and secure capabilities. The California-based start-up tasked us with integrated design support including brand identity, services, and product design.


Product Design of the Nebbiolo fogNodes Hardware

We took care of the product design of the Nebbiolo fogNodes, the modular hardware that enables the fog technology. Usually, hardware like this means unidentified boxes hidden away and mixed with cabling. To make Nebbiolo products stand out, we incorporated a vertical element of the brand’s ​color, blue, into the design of the fogNodes. This simple solution creates a connection to the brand identity and makes the products more recognizable.

To bring the product to life, we lit up the branded blue element allowing the device to communicate with the user, showing that it’s reactive and working with a glance. The aesthetics mix modern and analogue, with a front surface made from brushed ​aluminum which references hi-fi sound systems. We used constraints, such as cooling fins, cleverly to make the final design more interesting. Made from metals and PMMA, the final design is elegant, communicating high quality, yet robust and compact as well. We managed to create a design that is simple and cost-efficient for the startup to manufacture without plastic moulds or other expensive tooling.

In addition to product design, we supported Nebbiolo’s R&D and engineering team to find optimal production methodologies, partnering with them throughout the entire process.


Nebbiolo Technologies Identity

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