Design Group Italia part of Italia Geniale, Rome 14.2.-30.11.2022

After a successful show at Expo 2020 Dubai, Design Group Italia’s designs for 3M and D-Heartcare are on show as part of Italia Geniale, now open in Rome.

Promoted by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, Italia Geniale aims to highlight Made-in-Italy and its inventiveness, creativity, and design. Curated by ADI, the exhibition explores how design enables us to move about freely in safety, take care of ourselves and others, and work responsibly.

3M SecureFit helmet was designed for use in a wide range of industries, from construction to oil & gas, from utilities to forestry, and manufacturing. It was designed to adapt to a variety of uses and configurations, tailored to the specific needs of different applications.

D-Heart is a portable, easy-to-use ECG device that connects via Bluetooth to an accompanying smartphone or tablet app. The app guides the user step-by-step to perform a reliable 8/12 lead ECG independently. The results are then sent to a tele-cardiology service or the patient’s personal doctor. Design Group Italia designed the digital app, physical device, service journey, and packaging of D-Heart.

Italia Geniale runs until November 30 at the Ministry of Economic Development, Palazzo Piacentini.



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