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Raising the bar on aluminium die-casting

Idra, a leading manufacturer of die-casting machines, looked to our industrial design team for help in reimagining the production process. Together, we crafted a family of modular machines setting a new industry standard, making Idra a point of reference for aluminum die-casting technology, trusted by the likes of Tesla to revolutionise the production of cars with some of the largest die-casting machines in the world.

Having worked before with industrial machinery, we knew that the market would never accept something that doesn’t work flawlessly. We wanted to create a beautiful design that also solves problems.

Martin Franzen
Product Design Director

Design language that caught the eye of Tesla.


The new design identity reinforces the brand’s presence
and makes Idra’s machines highly recognizable,
bringing the company a competitive advantage.


Modular design system

We translated the numerous safety and usability requirements into a design that features a simple, modular system to clad the machines across the whole family of products. The mechanically and structurally solid solution is highly adaptable and caters to different sized machines, set-up, and installations.

About the project


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