The Agrifitness Project

Our Food Lab collaborated with Arvaia, a cooperative founded in Bologna and inspired by the principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), to create Agrifitness, a new approach to wellness that combines organic farming and keeping fit.

Federico Casotto, who manages our Food Lab and appears on the video, says:

When my sister saw my silhouette on the screen after understanding what it was all about, she said: ‘It’s clear it doesn’t work!’ That was the moment I realized that we had a casting issue. However, the term Agrifitness is also being used ironically to criticize the current notion of fitness.

Agrifitness is not about shaping one’s body according to a standardized ideal of beauty or a superficial idea of wellness. It is about feeling reinvigorated, both physically and morally, by using your energy for a good purpose and not wasting it in a gym.​ It is about exposing ourselves to the positive impact that spending time outdoors in the countryside can have on our mood and overall wellbeing. Finally, the Agrifitness model allows us to enjoy all this without having to endure the harsher aspects of farming. We are well aware and do not intend to hide the fact that real farming is very hard work.

See the beautiful video, shot on an iPhone, by Dr. Gaurav Mehra, below.

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