Enhancing quality

Can branding support small cheese producers and affineurs, helping them to enhance their high-quality products?
What if we gave the brands of the best Italian cheese makers the same importance we give to wine labels?

A sought-after and clearly recognizable image isn’t just an accessory, it marks the beginning of the gastronomic experience as an integral element. It helps create an emotional context that prepares people to enjoy the food.
Together with gastronomic critic Luigi Cremona, chefs and affineurs Hansi Baumgartner and Ivano Maero, farmer and cheese producer Dario Zidarich, Fondazione Italiana Sommelier lecturer and ONAF Maestro Assaggiatore Pasquale Riga, and Ruminantia director Alessandro Fantini, our Design Manager Federico Casotto has been invited to consider these topics during a panel at il BonTà, the Italian fair dedicated to excellent specialty food.

Inspiring insights are also available in his article published by Ruminantia, which we are pleased to share with our Italian readers.

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