Envisioning and implementing the future fastcharging experience

The project

E-mobility is key to the energy transition, set to become a core element of our portfolio. As a major player in fast and ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles expanding in Southern Europe, Atlante asked our Service Design team for support with its multifaceted challenges, ideating and defining the best possible customer experience.

The goal is comprehensive:

“To design the overall customer experience
for Atlante’s fast charging stations across all touchpoints.
Physically and digitally.”

Managing complexity

So how can we design a fulfilling and forward-thinking charging experience?
Numerous elements need to be considered to guarantee the availability and reliability of the service, providing customers with the right information and awareness, and transforming time spent at the station into an enjoyable and meaningful activity.

Our Service Design team collaborated with Atlante’s multidisciplinary team of C-levels, brand managers, engineers, business developers, customer support, with external guests as car manufacturer, EV experts and influencers. Together, we worked on translating the company’s vision, its core values of sustainability and its cutting-edge technological assets into tangible and valuable opportunities for tomorrow’s users, varying based on the stations’ surroundings.

A detailed analysis of buyer personas, influencing factors, current charging service concepts, available charging experiences and their predictable limits all served as a foundation for the design principles and design challenges Atlante will tackle.

A set of commitments

Taking advantage of the diversified expertise at the table, we facilitated the development of a shared vision and outlined a set of strategies allowing Atlante to:

  • Stand out and maintain coherency throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Be ambitious and loyal to establish the best customer experience.
  • Work on “must haves” without forgetting the “nice to haves”.
  • Analyze customers’ behaviors and predict their aspirations.
  • Raise consciousness and awareness about sustainability and energy transition.

While putting these goals to paper is easy, building the path and orchestrating the processes that will ensure a gratifying and constantly up-to-date customer experience is a complex and collective journey.

Leveraging the strategic, multidisciplinary design approach of Design Group Italia, we sided Atlante in implementing the entire framework and the main guidelines within which all the company’s touchpoints (i.e. charging points, charging station environments and scenarios, digital services, customer care, etc.) can take their precise and coherent place.

Design Group Italia, October 2022

























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