Designing protective masks for the healthcare industry

We teamed up with Terenzi Srl to create a protective mask for healthcare professionals battling against COVID-19.
We designed and, in collaboration with Terenzi Srl engineered the new Safe Breath protective masks, to be produced by Terenzi Srl, the Italian manufacturer specializing in the processing of metals and plastics, that has decided to convert a part of its capacity to produce masks needed by the healthcare workers in Italy.

Safe Breath is designed to be both superbly safe and comfortable to use for the healthcare workers, often having to wear masks during long shifts.

The protective mask is multi-use, durable, and ergonomic, with a tight, yet adaptable and comfortable fit created by the soft thermoplastic elastomer. The mask is biocompatible, antimicrobial, and phthalate-free. All components are designed to last and are easily sanitized simply with water and detergent.

The filter is made from water-resistant three-layered polyester and features an innovative changeable sheet in a breathable fabric. The masks come with a kit of 20 filters.

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