• September 23, 2019
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Alkemy enters the capital of Design Group Italia

We’re happy to announce that as of July 16, Alkemy enters the capital of DGI with an initial 20% stake. The transaction is planned to take place over a period of four years.

Alkemy is a leading company in the innovation of the business model of large and medium-sized companies and listed on the AIM Italia market of Borsa Italiana since December 5th 2017 (ticker: ALK). Alkemy integrates skills and expertise in the areas of strategy, e-commerce, communication, performance, technology and data analytics into its offer.

“We at DGI have a long history of creating innovation in products and services that combine beauty, effectiveness and usefulness for people. Together, Alkemy and DGI can build bridges among AI, Big Data, product and space design, design ethics, and much more. These bridges, this uniqueness between technology and humanism, are essential to ensure the current and future success of the products and services we develop for our customers,” says Chief Design Officer Sigurdur Thorsteinsson.

“As the world changes around us, we at DGI also keep on building our capabilities to answer the continuously changing needs of our clients. This is a great opportunity for us to build a solid foundation for the future,” says Managing Director Edgardo Angelini.

“The acquisition of DGI has a highly strategic meaning, and is part of Alkemy’s plan to activate the innovation and change processes of client companies through all the physical and digital interaction channels and through all the elements of the offer, whether services or physical products,” says Duccio Vitali, Chief Executive Officer of Alkemy S.p.A.

There are no immediate changes to the way DGI works. DGI will continue to be lead by current partners Edgardo Angelini (Managing Director), Sigurdur Thorsteinsson (Chief Design Officer) and Peter James Newbould (Chief Innovation Officer).

About Alkemy

Born in 2012 thanks to a group of entrepreneurs who had gained significant experience at leading international companies in the world of business consultancy and technological innovation, Alkemy S.p.A. works to improve the market position and competitiveness of large and medium-sized companies — innovating and transforming their business model according to the evolution of technology and consumer behaviour.

The Company integrates skills and expertise in the areas of strategy, e-commerce, communication, performance, technology, and data analytics into its offer, and manages wide-ranging digital transformation projects that cover the entire value chain, from strategy to implementation.

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