Our workshops combine the three most vital pillars for innovation: thinking, doing and feeling.

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From one-day sessions to week-long sprints, we ideate, craft and facilitate workshop experiences around the globe, tailoring our approach to each client and challenge.

Learning from change

In turbulent times, the ability to learn from change will bring a major competitive advantage. Tapping into our 50+ years of experience in tackling change, in this remote workshop, we adopt the design thinking perspective to turn moments of change into opportunities for value creation.
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Not just another Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking (DT) is a hot topic in the business arena, but it is still often a buzz word in many companies’ corridors and meeting rooms. DGI’s approach is to create tools and frameworks that help participants explore the Design Thinking approach but most importantly foster the Design Thinker’s mindset.

Our objective is to create pertinent and relevant experiences so that one walks away conscious of a new way of approaching innovation and the work environment.

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Creative Confidence

Harnessing the creativity within us all

Creativity is often misunderstood. This workshop, inspired by the Kelley brothers, explores the process of fostering individuals’ and groups’ Creative Confidence in a change management context.

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Innovation of Meaning
Disclosing the value of people-driven innovation

Innovation is often an incremental improvement, instead of something completely new and sudden. In a world overloaded by ideas, this workshop embraces a different approach to innovation driven by the desire to create unique and meaningful experiences.

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Employee Engagement
Defining a virtuous relationship between a business and its people

For a business to thrive, it must not only understand its end-user – it should have a clear vision of its employees. An effective employee value proposition (EVP) goes beyond traditional HR policies and approaches, by providing a tool to define a rich relationship between the business and the employees. In this unique workshop, we apply Design Thinking to the employee value proposition.

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IoT Solutions
How to create tangible value for people, not just another gadget

Too often, IoT design starts with a list of technologies and features. We think the best IoT is created by starting with people instead. This workshop gets you creating with a team project of prototyping, testing and iterating.

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Start-up Boost
A complete crash course for newcomers

A brand is more than just a great idea. It’s the essence of who you are, what you stand for, and how your customers experience it. Our guided path includes different activities to empower the brand and sharpen the design strategy for superb customer experience.

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