Learning From Change


In turbulent times, the ability to learn from change will bring a major competitive advantage. Tapping into our 50+ years of experience on tackling change, in this remote workshop, we adopt the design thinking perspective to turn moments of change into opportunities for value creation.


In this workshop, we apply design thinking, following the ‘double diamond’ methodology to turn moments of change into tangible opportunities for growth and success:

  • Change in organizations. Our framework builds a structured understanding of change in organizations, bridging change management, and design thinking.
  • The change process. We explore each phase of the change process and the various different types of change – and their impacts on both organizations and employees
  • Ecosystem mapping. Through our ecosystem mapping exercise, participants learn to read the context, empathize with users and understand how change impacts in a systemic manner
  • Value proposition development. Finally, we transform possibilities into tangible value propositions, that can be used to catalyze internal initiatives.

Seamless collaboration online, from remote

We use online collaborative whiteboard platforms such as Miro to run the workshop. The tools incorporate a whiteboard, a video call, and a chat. They are simple and easy to use – all you need is an internet connection and a computer with a microphone, speakers, and a camera. No additional downloads are required.

miro board for a remote workshop

What you will learn

After this workshop, you will be equipped with a design thinking toolkit and a structured process for turning moments of change to opportunities. The workshop teaches the participants a new method for working from remote, using Miro.

Upon completing this workshop, the participants will receive the workshop tools – change management canvases – to continue to use in their own organization, as well as illustrated notes of the workshop, including

  • Design Thinking canvases to replicate internally with your teams
  • Our remote workshop guidelines including extended do’s and don’ts for facilitators
  • Mature proposal for a change initiative for your organization

Who should attend?

This workshop will be helpful for anyone who desires to take a leading role in managing the process and the effects of change in organization, and who is looking for a user-centered, creative approach to navigate uncertain times.
It will be particularly useful for individuals in a leadership role, who in their work have a transversal view on people (customers and employees), products, and processes.

DGI remote Workshop

This workshop cleverly taps into the human ability to find meaning through a collective online intelligence of sorts. The platform was easy to use and interesting to participate in.

Journalist Luca de Biase

The specifics

Format: Online workshop
Equipment requirements: Internet connection, computer, headphones
Length: 2h
Language: English or Italian

Tools used: Miro (no software download necessary)
3 Facilitators
Ideally, max 8 participants per workshop; suits single teams, but can also be run as a multi-client workshop to promote cross-disciplinary learning and networking

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