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What makes people either love or abandon a wearable device?

Generali Italia, part of the third largest insurance company in the world, sought to have a better understanding of the customer journey of wearable technologies. They wanted to make sense of the adoption drivers, learning curve, reasons to abandoning the wearable, and its possible impact on the Generali services offer.

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Deep insights through innovative research methodology

After extensive online scouting of technologies, we narrowed down the research and selected the 15 most interesting devices on the market. We conducted the test with Generali employees by assigning each a wearable device and following their experience for 6 weeks.

We tracked participants’ experience through an online diary study where they were invited to answer specific questions and tell about their improvements, doubts, and findings, documenting all the process with photos and videos. TThe team conducted follow-up interviews with testers to gain a better understanding of the qualitative and emotional side of the experience.

“It was a positive experience. 
It helped me monitor my activity and gain awareness of my habits. I would like to keep doing it.”

–– research participant
Testing of wearable for Generali

Discovering key emotional drivers that guide people on their health journey


The research let us identify different user types, gain a deep comprehension of most relevant habits for people to change, their aspirations, desires, and strategies adopted to succeed.

All this knowledge was essential in order to map the ideal engagement path, identify requirements to retain users, but also discover reasons why people abandon their device.

Wearable design
wearables design
wearables design
Wearable design

“The knowledge we gained from the research was an important input to our strategy development. 
We discovered what ‘adherence to a healthy lifestyle’ really means and what moves people to change.“

–– Alessandro Benazzato, Head of Customer Excellence & Delivery, Generali Welion
wearables design

Defining future service opportunities

We translated all the collected knowledge into comprehensive service recommendations to be extended to different parts of Generali’s health services ecosystem as well as give input on service features.

In addition, the research highlighted a series of opportunities that were further discussed with the client and prioritized on their release roadmap according to their needs.

From studying user adherence to a healthy lifestyle, we generated business opportunities for Generali in both short and long term.

Work in progress of wearable design
Service design roadmap

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