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Trillio product design
Client Trillio
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Integrated design for the innovation startup

Trillio is an easy-to-use portable device that reminds people to take their medication and helps them adhere to a treatment program. We took care of every aspect of the design of Trillio, from branding to service, from product to interaction.

Trillio product design

Service design to optimize a user-centric ecosystem

Trillio is a connected medicine reminder for seniors and chronic patients. The physical device, used by the patient, is connected to apps used by medical professionals, caregivers, and/or family members. The app alerts the network when the medicine is taken.

We started our work with research and mapping of the network and the different users to ensure that Trillio would work seamlessly, serving each of their varying needs.

Trillio service design

Product design, CMF and concept engineering

The product design of the physical object is “as simple as a bedside table clock” with the main button on top. The minimalistic glossy white device with a color accent hides the technology within.

trillio parts
Trillio product design

Physical and digital user interface design

The patient uses the physical Trillio device with a simple, intuitive UI, alert sounds and a button on top of the device. The caregivers, pharmacists and/or family, on the other hand, connect with Trillio via an app that features a simple set-up process, a clear dashboard, and a monitoring function.


trillio app ui
trillio interface design

As simple as a bedside alarm clock

A user-friendly design “as simple as a bedside alarm clock” functions in a familiar way to the elderly users. When Trillio rings and blinks, just read the medicine reminder and click.

Trillio product design touch
Trillio user interface design

I had the pleasure of collaborating closely with the DGI team when creating Trillio. Each team member gave a huge contribution, showing deep knowledge and passion towards what they do.

Carlo Brianza, Founder, Trillio
Trillio product design with box

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