Evolving to face new payments and market challenges

Client SisalPay
Industry Finance
Services Corporate branding

Sisal partnered with us to accompany them in their pursuit of a new growth strategy and support them with a renewed iconic identity and visual system to move SisalPay towards a strategic repositioning and the creation of new brand assets.

Looking ahead to tomorrows challenges, Sisal set out to make people’s lives simpler and more enjoyable by bringing the latest innovations and technology to the growth strategy for their payment and top-up brand SisalPay. With a customer-centric spirit, an integrated omnichannel payment-top-up experience, and willingness to change, Sisal developed a simple, integrated, and secure way to pay that puts SisalPay in a strong position as one of the national leaders in payment services.

Together, defining a new path

We started with a deep dive workshop to evaluate the company’s current positioning, target audience, and key-competitors – focusing on communication methods, deck analysis, positioning, and offering. Together, we set the framework for SisalPay’s new strategic pillars, synthesized in our “DGI brand platform” which defines all key assets of the brand strategy (positioning and USP, key brand values, brand description, brand personality, tone of voice, and the core target drivers).

The Hero. The Icon. The Wallet.

Utilizing SisalPay’s customer-first approach and vision to anticipate payment solutions for the complex challenges of an ever-changing payment service landscape, we created a new Key Hero Icon for the brand. An open wallet pointing like an arrow to the payment services of tomorrow, the brand icon emerges as the hero of the new identity. An iconic symbol that when incorporated into the brand name, becomes a representation of the company’s projection into a technologically focused future revolving around customer needs. We capitalized on the heroic symbol to create a strong and consistent brand identity within all elements of the Sisal “Servizi di Pagamento” (Payment Service) world: SisalPay, SisalPay pre-paid card, Digital Payments/Bill and Easycassa.

A new brand language. A new voice.
Empathic. Contemporary. Iconic.

We extended the identity across the new SisalPay brand system to guarantee effective brand presence, and memorability. High priority was given to recognizability, contemporary language, and catchiness at the point of sale (retail, bars, tobacconists) to grab attention in the brand and communication packed high traffic locations

Simple rules to create consistency and coherent brand impact

We developed SisalPay’s new Brand Book facilitating the correct extension of all the elements belonging to the brand strategy and the new brand such as the logo, colors, the photographic style, iconography, and the digital and physical communication touchpoints. And, above all, the Sisalpay app. Simple rules and templates to guarantee a coherent deployment within the Italian market and key touch points.

A new DNA. A new Identity.

SisalPay is ready to take on modern challenges with a flexible brand system to accommodate future services and propositions for consumers and merchants. Thanks to our solid partnership, SisalPay is now equipped with a well-defined product portfolio and a new brand positioning of the mother and sub-brands, an achievement only made possible through strong collaboration on a strategic, marketing, UX/UI, and product & service branding level.

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