SisalPay Mastercard® Prepaid Card
A revolution in the proximity channel

Sisalpay credit card
Client SisalPay
Industry Finance
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Working in sync to define the strategic asset for the new launch:
To be different, to be the one

SisalPay, the Sisal brand dedicated to payment services, has launched their new Prepaid Card with the Mastercard® circuit.
In line with Sisal’s vision of “Making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable” the new Prepaid Card makes recharging, paying, and receiving money a stress-free operation, in Italy and abroad.


Continuing our long partnership, working together on Bill and the SisalPay rebranding, DGI collaborated with Sisal to make SisalPay one of the national leaders in the proximity channel with a modern card design and corresponding UI for the new digital platform.

Sisalpay credit card

Working in sync to define the strategic asset for the new launch:
To be different, to be the one

We held a workshop with the SisalPay team to build the Prepaid Card’s product strategy. Together, we explored the features of similar cards and identified the key product differentiations analyzing the proximity channels habits, expectations, uses, and customer journeys to find target insights and drivers of choice which we translated into our Brand Platform Strategic Tool to define the brand positioning and establish the communication pillars.

UX Card for Sisalpay

A modern, simple and premium card design

Ensuring consistency with the mother brand and its product portfolio rules, the Prepaid Card capitalizes on the new brand identity and visual system we developed for SisalPay.
The premium look and feel of the card comes from its precious details: varnished glossy pattern, color palette, and CMF design. This gives the card a modern digital touch that is consistent with global Mastercard® design guidelines to achieve maximum compliance and coherency.
We extended the new identity to all the tools connected to the Prepaid Card: the official online portal with a new UI, the activation couvette, and all the key touch points in the brand communication.
The DGI team personally attended the printing start-up phase in Germany to preserve the design intent, guarantee great printing results, and drive the development and production.

graphic design for SisalPay
Graphic design for SisalPay
Sisal pay credit card design
Web design solutions for SisalPay
Graphic design for SisalPay


Thanks to our partnership with Sisal on a marketing and branding consultancy level and our guidance during the deployment phase, SisalPay’s new product in the proximity channel meets the needs of a wide range of potential customers. It utilizes their 40.000+ point of sales to reach out to current Sisalpay customers while emphasizing closeness and brand presence to their clients.

Graphic design for SisalPay

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