Digital communications for the multi-touch interface start-up

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Client Semplus
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Semplus is a start-up based in Palo Alto, developing multi-touch pressure sensors for automotive, mobile, gaming and virtual reality. We helped Semplus communicate their technology in a clear and simple, yet impactful way.

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Semplus Technology

Today, we mostly use our touch screens with simple taps. The patented technology developed by the Semplus team understands the nuances of human touch. This allows different functions and commands to be assigned to the touch, depending on the pressure and number of fingers used, for example. This versatile technology can integrate with current displays and cover lenses, as well as, materials including stainless steel, wood, and leather–enabling designers and developers to create and customize how they want. With its solutions, Semplus develops the future of automobile interfaces, gaming and virtual reality.

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Logo and digital communications

For a start-up such as Semplus, it is critically important to be able to communicate complex ideas to their investors, customers, media and various other stakeholders. We helped the Semplus team to communicate their technology in a clear and simple, yet impactful way.

Starting with a logo design that features a carved shape to reflect their technology, we then moved on to create motion design and style guide for the start-up to start building upon.

logo design for semplus
logo design for semplus
Web design for Semplus
user interface for semplus
Web design for Semplus

Website design

We also created a website for the company, including both the content architecture and all assets, from storytelling to visuals, video content and illustrations to help the start-up communicate the features of their technology, and show how it all works.

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