Sella & Mosca
Sardinian oenological culture. In Italy and the world.

Client Sella & Mosca
Industry Consumer goodsFood & Beverage
Services Consumer branding

With more than 100 years of history, an iconic and internationally renowned portfolio, Sella & Mosca is synonymous with Sardinian oenological culture in Italy and around the world. We worked closely together with the wine house to renew their brand positioning. We also developed a new visual language and a distinctive packaging system to reflect the new positioning.

New portfolio strategy
and new packaging system

Following the growth of the on and off-trade offering, while continuing to increase exports with dedicated products, the strategic objective was to reorganize the company strategy, the brand positioning and optimize the portfolio. 
For each line of products, we developed a new visual language and a distinctive packaging system both coherent with the brand.
A new offering designed for tomorrow: a journey through the lives, colours and tastes of Sardinia. A surprising and enriching adventure made up of nature, landscapes and aromas. A brand that balances tradition and oenological innovation. Between simplicity and heritage.

Restyling the brand balancing heritage, modernity and clarity

– Increase value and perception of the brand as a guarantee of quality of the entire offering
– Modernize the language of the logo and resolve challenges with legibility and printability 
 in small dimensions
– Identify the proper role, weight and information hierarchy of the Sella & Mosca brand 
 in relation to the various product lines, trades and targets.

Project for Off Trade / GDO

Leveraging a new hero: the pictogram for brand awareness empowerment
Capitalize on the revamped Sella & Mosca pictogram, making it the new hero of the labeling system of the core line for the off-trade. A new clear and contemporary style capable of enhancing the perception of modernity and innovativeness of the brand.
Optimize the navigation among products and the identification of single references within a communication brand hierarchy via a labeling system that becomes immediate, clear and intuitive.
Increase the shelf impact and design consistency for each line, creating a stronger family feeling.

Designing for tomorrow 
by reinterpreting recognizable 
design symbols

We designed a new high-end line for the off-trade that reinterprets the historical symbolic references in a new contemporary light, reinforcing each product’s unique selling proposition while maintain a strong family feeling.

Redesigning an outstanding icon 
in the wine universe

A new product. A new Style. 
A new wine color.

Focusing on the uniqueness 
of the Sardinian Territory

Enhancing the link with the region and its authenticity

A new sub-line for the entry level products in the off-trade. A new naming: I PIANI – recalling the historical Sella & Mosca vineyard in Alghero. A new rustic key visual that communicates quality, care and attention. A dynamic typographic layout to lend modernity and recognisability to the label system.

Project for On Trade / HORECA

A refined and elegant touch. With a solid and proprietary history.
For the new core line in the on-trade segment, we reinterpreted a few historic religious symbols found in the historic church located at the main Sella & Mosca vineyard in Alghero. We gave the symbols an abstract and contemporary look to communicate preciousness, attention to detail and uniqueness, while selecting high quality printing finishes to convey a premium experience.

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