Italian wine tradition revisited

Corallo label design for Sella&Mosca
Client Sella & Mosca
Industry Consumer goodsFood & Beverage
Services Consumer branding

A new market. A new label. A new blend.

Looking to pioneer a new market and increase their international presence, Sella & Mosca collaborated with us to develop a label for their latest addition to the Canadian wine market. Corallo is a new blend that pairs local consumer expectations and tastes with an international attitude in wine recipe-mixology.

With the brand name Corallo (Italian for coral) in mind, we set out to create a new and iconic label that incorporates the famous red coral of Sardinia with their tradition of craftsmanship, to achieve a strong shelf impact among red wines and a more premium positioning in the market arena.

Building on the identity we previously created for Sella & Mosca, the new bottle echoes the strong history and relationship Sella & Mosca has with Sardinia and the authenticity of its tradition.

Corallo label design for Sella&Mosca

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