Mix It Up at Milan Design Week

pepsico activation at mix it up
Client PepsiCo
Industry Food & Beverage
Services Experiential spacesLighting design

We coordinated and collaborated with Pepsico design centre and the other participating designers and chefs on the experiential space design, layout, lighting and construction of the project.

interior design of lay's chiperie

Mix It Up 2017 was an immersive installation that invited attendees to explore and interact.

Guests experienced a compendium of historic, current and forward-thinking exhibits that demonstrated how the company has evolved with the times. From the moment they entered the “Mix It Up” space, visitors caught a glimpse of PepsiCo’s storied past with items that trigger an emotional response, invoke brand connection and stir memories.

interior design of PepsiCo mix it up
event mix it up by PepsiCo
interior design of PepsiCo mix it up
interior design of PepsiCo mix it up event

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