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user interface design for Oppent
Client Oppent
Industry Healthcare
Services User experienceUser interface

We teamed up with Oppent to design a user interface for a system that allows sending and receiving critical biological materials in hospitals and healthcare.

Rendering of product design for Oppent

Send and receive critical biological materials into Emergency Rooms and Hospitals

A Hospital Pneumatic Tube System (HPTS)  is composed of stations for sending and receiving, connected by a network of tubes. The biological material is inserted into carriers, which travel inside the tubes, powered by an airflow generated by one or more blowers The network connects different hospital areas and enables the transport of items which are then collected by personnel at receiving stations. 

Design for Minimum-Viable-Steps interaction

Each station has its HMI (Human-Computer Interface) that allows only authorized personnel to send capsules and ask for urgent delivery. Due to the context, we designed a minimum-viable-steps interaction, avoiding all unnecessary actions to keep just the most important ones. We also utilized feedback in the UI, as it plays a very important role to speed up the process.

  • User interface design for Oppent
  • User interface design for Oppent
  • user interface design for Oppent

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