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Aiming to transform proximity banking in Italy, SisalPay and Banca5 looked to Design Group Italia as a trusted partner with proven experience in payment services, long-term corporate merging strategy, branding, and new product development strategy able to quickly respond to challenges with maximum efficiency and consistency over time.

Together, we built a corporate strategy and identity that translates the Mooney banking revolution into a concrete platform for B2C and B2B markets.

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Thinking ahead on the proximity payments market

Founded in December 2019, as a union between Banca 5 (Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo) and SisalPay (Sisal Group), Mooney set out to take Italian Banking and payment services to new heights with a forward-thinking vision. Mooney is a key player in the cashless revolution. It works closely with customers to create an ecosystem for integrated banking and payments, both online and in the physical world with its core asset of SisalPay’s network of 45,000 points of sale (bars, tobacconists, and newsstands).

mooney graphics

Leading towards the future of proximity banking and payments

Together, we partnered with SisalPay and Banca5 to build a corporate strategy and identity that translates the Mooney banking revolution into a concrete platform for B2C and B2B markets. Mooney becomes more than a first mover, it’s a visionary company, leading the future of proximity banking & payment networks in Italy.

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An alliance that leads to success
Corporate brand strategy with vision

In a delicate process that required both precision and honesty, we worked together to find the strengths and weaknesses of the two companies with separate policies, procedures, and cultures to build one innovative and consistent identity for today and tomorrow.
Face-to-face interviews with specific business units helped us map out SisalPay’s and Banca5’s current reality, as we gathered experiences, expectations, market drivers, and critical issues. We also held a deep-dive workshop with key decision-makers from both companies to define the culture, core competencies, and aspirations for Mooney – one team, working together to establish objectives and internal consensus.
Finally, together with the Mooney team, we defined the new B2C and B2B strategy with the primary and secondary values, and the new brand’s USP and DNA.

mooney workshop with sisalpay team
mooney workshop with sisalpay team
mooney workshop with sisalpay team
mooney workshop with sisalpay team
mooney logo

A brand-new logo:
Moving heritage into the future

Mooney’s iconic new brand identity creates a coherent, sustainable, and flexible storytelling for both B2C and B2B audiences – one company, two unique stories. Always evolving, Mooney is conscious of the present and future-oriented, a brand that interprets today’s needs and anticipates tomorrow’s solutions.
A new logo that communicates simplicity and integration as the key elements: an arrow points to the future and highlights the physical and digital products. We placed the arrow at the end of the name to suggest progression and reduced the kerning to transfer a sense of proximity with clients for an impactful statement – “we always go forward, together.”
The letter M in Mooney becomes a statement of authority and security. The contemporary bold sans-serif typography conveys stature and concreteness across physical and digital touchpoints to transfer both solidity and vision to future.

mooney corporate branding

Impact and distinctivity:
The new design assets

The “cut” of the B2B and B2C communication system builds upon the arrow symbol for an impactful design that presents Mooney as an innovative company building the future and improving the lives of merchants and consumers. We maintained the yellow and gray colors of the mother brand to underline the strong connection to the values of the institutions.

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mooney branding
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mooney graphic identity

Omnichannel design and brand guardianship

The Mooney team entrusted us with the brand guidelines and brand guardianship to guarantee maximum design consistency over time of the entire visual system for the new brand across all major touchpoints online, offline, and retail.

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mooney spatial graphics
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mooney graphics

We worked together with SisalPay and Banca5 to manage the complex onboarding and alignment of a corporate merger and the creation of the NewCo. Mooney is now launching the proximity banking revolution in Italy with a concrete, coherent, and brand-new path, and an impactful communication system to keep them close to their customers and ahead of the national competition.

Branding & Strategy team, Design Group Italia

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