A new toothbrush for APAC for a natural, premium experience

CMF moodboard of Unilever toothbrush
Client Unilever
Industry Consumer goods
Services CMF

A new natural proposition for health-conscious consumers

Unilever’s oral care business had its eyes set on launching a premium brand for the health-conscious consumers of the rapidly developing markets of South Asia.

After several decades of collaboration, Unilever turned to our CMF team to support in the South Asia project.

CMF moodboard of Unilever toothbrush

Smaller and softer brush design using existing molds for cost-efficiency

Through market research and our industrial design expertise, we found that the South Asian market prefers a smaller and softer brush.  That’s why we could not simply re-label premium European brushes. Working with Unilever, we found a solution that used existing molds for South Asian brushes, to create a unique premium model.

Based on the initial research by Unilever R&D, we developed the new toothbrush’s CMF system around Himalayan and Bamboo salts. These salts are noted for their health benefits and are widely used in wellness in Asia and beyond.

To express the natural image of Himalayan salt, we chose a pearlescent pink and white color giving the brush a soft natural look and feel. For the Bamboo brush, we went with a green tone that resembles bamboo to reflect a calming feeling of being in nature.

CMF moodboard of Unilever toothbrush
CMF palettes of Unilever toothbrush
CMF palettes of Unilever toothbrushes

Design for high shelf impact

When people look for a new toothbrush, the presentation on the shelf is key. It’s important to show the brush from the side exposing the handle shape and tampering of the bristles. With these new brushes, the selected colors are extra present in the bristles, informing the customers of the presence of the salt.

Graphic design for Unilever toothbrush

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