Reimagining knowledge sharing in healthcare

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Client Generali Welion
Industry HealthcareInsurance
Services Service design

Empowering the Generali Welion team

Generali Welion approached us, asking for a solution to stay relevant in the ever-changing market of healthcare and insurance. While traditional market and innovation research is delivered by annual or quarterly reports, Generali Welion needed a service that would deliver insights more regularly, given the speed of today’s processes.

Alertbox newsletter on a mobile phone screen

Empowering the team with the latest healthcare data

During the exploration phase, we tested several solutions and tools, such as a Slack private communication channel or regular posts on a website. Eventually, a weekly newsletter proved to be the best way to convey the results of the ongoing research work carried out by DGI.

The innovation of Alertbox lies in its capacity to transfer industry insider expertise from consultants to employees. It is about empowering a company and creating common knowledge among its people.

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As part of the Alertbox project, we explored start-ups developing new ideas in health in Silicon Valley. One example is a start-up developing an intelligent, socially active companion robot whose conversations are tailored to each patient that she works with.

Leandro Agro, Executive Design Director, DGI Silicon Valley
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Since its launch, Alertbox has evolved to deliver news on start-ups and partnerships, case studies on best practices, first-hand testing of services as well as education on relevant topics. During the first year, some 370 news were delivered to the Generali Welion team in 39 editions of AlertBox.

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Chat Bot

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Care delivery

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