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From Como, Italy, to the world: Building an international identity

Based in Como, the heart of Italy’s textiles district, Aleph specializes in digital printing for paper and fabric. After two decades of experience in printing software, Aleph introduced the LaForte industrial printer to the market, thus evolving from a software producer into a provider of full-scale digital printing solutions. This marked Aleph’s transition from a local company to an internationally-focused organization in a highly competitive niche market.

This required a revamp on the brand strategy to reflect the new direction, too. Together we collaborated with Aleph headquarters and Wise SGR, the investment fund that acquired Aleph, to reevaluate company positioning and prepare them for an international renaissance.

Putting customers and quality first

We started with a competitive and situational analysis to have a clear overall picture of the potential strengths and weaknesses of the company from a product portfolio and a communication point of view.

To deepen our understanding of the B2B target, we also studied the key stakeholders, and the key criteria of success based on insights from the sales team.

Aleph’s new identity focuses on its real Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Their differentiation among the competitive arena is defined as quality, customer-centered approach, and full-scale digital solutions.

Aleph and DGI workshop
Aleph branding
Aleph printer

Establishing new naming consistency

Together with the Aleph team, we built a new naming system for their new catalogue of printers that is both practical and inspired. Optima and Maxima convey a message of both quality and size of the machines.

Aleph rebrending product logo

The new design capitalizes on the current design equities: the four colors that make digital printing possible (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).  These colors express Aleph’s core business of bringing digital printing solutions to clients and the color potential of their printing solutions. The objective was to maintain brand recognition while enhancing a more institutional and contemporary feeling of the brand.

To complement the new logo, we created a unique payoff, “In Printing, We Care,” which expresses one of the company’s key new values, partnership.
The new brochures showcase the robustness of the printers and display the size and scale through the clever use of angles and side by side comparisons to actual people. The eye-catching new Look and Feel is distinct and immediately defines product differentiation.

Aleph before and after rebranding
Rebrending Aleph Logo
Rebrending Aleph Logo
Aleph new icons

A brighter strategy for Aleph

With a solid portfolio in place, we established the new identity across all core B2B touchpoints:  a logo restyling, new stationery system, new product catalogues, and the fair design for the most important event for the sector.

Aleph paper
Aleph paper
Business card Aleph
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Aleph billboard design
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Aleph flag banner
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Aleph world
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A fair stand can make the difference

In the business of industrial printing, fairs are an essential part of the sales process. To help Aleph stand out in the busy fair hall, we designed a sleek fair stand that expresses the new brand identity, along with all the materials the Aleph sales team needs to manage their work efficiently.

Aleph stand
Aleph stand design

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