3M GTG Frame-it
A whole new world of Post-its

3M frame it in use
Client 3M
Industry Technology
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Collaboration Under the Microscope

Together with 3M GTG, we co-designed Frame-it!, a tool for companies to bridge physical space with the digital world. The journey to the future of collaboration started with the Intelligent Workspaces initiative, conceived together with 3M GTG & Aecom. While designing a tool for corporate communication we based our research on interviews with Fortune 50 and many other highly innovative digital companies.

This information led our design team to work around four pillars:


Meeting efficiency is a real issue for many companies. Improving efficiency can enhance a company’s productivity.


Companies tend to be spread out globally and must figure out how to effectively manage this.

Collaborative Efficiency

A tool should support teamwork, proactivity and the ability to guide users to success.

Cognitive Efficiency

A tool should improve people’s skills.

multitouch board for user experience

The HW/SW Lifecycle

Prototyping Physical and Cognitive Ergonomics

Our team studied and categorized typical business meetings and collaboration activities. We soon noticed a different kind of meeting where specific user journeys emerged. Our research paved the way to design the perfect platform to grow tailor-made software solutions. We then designed Frame-it!

An early Frame-it! prototype was featured at an Orgatec event. The feedback was extremely enthusiastic and the 3M GTG/Aecom team received great insights from this collaborative preview. Frame-it! is delivered as a complementary solution comprising the technology product itself plus a consultancy and service package to ensure optimum integration of Frame-it! technology in company environments. Frame-it! is currently in its prototype phase, as this tool is being developed into the Holy Grail of collaboration.

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