Retail Experience
We design an omnichannel and integrated retail experience

We transform the retail space into an omnichannel and tailored experience.

The retail sector is in a moment of profound transformation and change that sees an ever greater integration with the digital world and e-commerce, a fluidity and hybridization of places, a return to nearby stores, an increasingly precise customer service with the increased reliance on data collection and big data.

In designing a shop, a temporary store, or a flagship store, it is important for us to work 360° to define the customer experience before-during and after the visit while considering all the touchpoints and channels available, the integrated physical and digital experience, the services and the design of the physical space. Through defining the concept of the omnichannel experience we can therefore interpret the design of the retail in functional and experiential terms and define the layout, the flows for the customer and the staff, the furniture elements, the digital elements and how the interactions will be between the people-the place-the products and the graphic personalization.

What we do

Experience design 
Spacial and interior design 

Service design 
Strategy design 

Lighting design 
Phygital experience design 

Case story
Blue Lagoon Skincare

Our longtime partner Blue Lagoon Iceland, one of the world’s great spa destinations, also has its own skincare line and a chain of retail stores. The Blue Lagoon shops are an extension of the destination. As such, they need to promote the brand’s skincare products, and at the same time educate customers about the spa and Blue Lagoon’s brand values.

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Render of Blue Lagoon store interior

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