Events May 22, 2015

New ideas at Disruptive Week

Leandro Agrò speaks at Disruptive Work

Supported by Eurotech, Microsoft, Samsung, Vodafone, Huawei, ABB, Ericsson, Semtech, Orange, the M2M+ Symposium is an exclusive conference examining international case histories, with the aim of exploring new horizons of the M2M/IoT world and its latest applications.

Leandro Agrò, DGI’s Digital Director, spoke at the event to share insights and inspire the audience to think from a human-centered design perspective.

In fact, while the majority of conference contributions are technological in nature, DGI emphasized the impact and effect of technology on people. First of all, it essential to recall that placing an object in a pocket, in a car, on a desktop or in customers’ homes means building a personal, bi-directional, always-on communication channel.

M2M starts with low-level communication standards, yet evolves to become relevant to the real world (for both business and consumers). A clear vision and strong values guide the meaningfulness. This conversation was about putting the end-user at the center of the M2M culture.

Technology acceleration leads to consumerization, a reorientation of product and service designs to focus on the end-user as an individual consumer.

All companies, including B2B players, are increasingly pushed to think closer to consumers (B2B2C). M2M+ Symposium pathfinds the evolving M2M scenario in terms of technological and business development at a worldwide level. DGI’s Design Laws for the Internet of Things and IoT canvas and methodology makes it easier to harness full potential sparked from technology and research across fields.