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What to See at Milan Design Week 2019

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Milan Design Week is almost here! Here are some of the events and exhibits we’re going to this year – apart from DFood, a design and food initiative that we’re organizing together with Presso, of course.

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“…One of the ways to avoid a catastrophic future for humanity is to look at plants in a new way, use them not only for what they have to offer us but for what they can teach us.” This is what Stefano Mancuso thinks, one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of plant neurobiology. The fact that the Triennale has highlighted this exhibition at a time of maximum interest for the themes of design in the city, suggests that we, designers, should broaden our horizons and look beyond our limited aesthetic boundaries; otherwise, it will no longer make sense to design more beautiful chairs!

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The New District of Everyday Design

This year, Bovisa enters the design map. “Our goal is to be broad and long-term: to re-launch the peripheral areas as a territory of innovative, inclusive and collaborative activities, and as places to experiment with new and different centralities.” This is the manifesto of the new district of MDW, which proposes activities and reflections on knowledge, research, and dialogue with the urban community. We think it’s a new energy for everyone! Stefania Perenich and Simona Sagripanti, CMF designers

Art, Craft and Design

The theme of the relationship between art, craft, and design is not new. Many designers such as the Campana brothers, Giulio Vinaccia and his brother Valerio, have already shown us that strong involvement in the social context can occur when working with the design point of view in a reality rich in high-quality artisan and artistic knowledge. In the 2019 edition of Milan Design Week, it seems that this theme is alive and we hope that it will be able to express new realities and interesting scenarios. An example of the actuality of this theme at this year’s Milan Design Week, but surely not the only one, is the exhibition of the works of Antonio Marras and Vincenzo D’Alba. Stefania Perenich and Simona Sagripanti, CMF designers

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Les Arcanistes, The future is un/written

Studiopepe has “created a journey marked by designer and bespoke pieces, new editions of historic pieces, artists’ multiples, and a sequence of installation spaces that open up into a vast hall which acts as a backdrop to showcase the rituality of contemporary living.” A design agency founded in Milan by two strong women, Studiopepe’s focus is on design and research through the use of a multidisciplinary approach: this includes interior design (retail, hotels, private commissions), product design and creative consulting. I’m very curious to understand how they will translate these topics into a journey and to experience first hand all the various spaces they describe in the article about the event. Vania Viscardi, Senior Graphic Designer

ReThink Festival

ReThink Festival offers the latest discussion on service design from both the academic and professional worlds. I’m particularly interested in a couple of the program topics, such as healthcare innovation and change design, and management in organizations. Marco di Norcia, Senior Service Designer

Graphic illustration work Milan design week 2019

A Space for Being: Exploring Design’s Impact On Our Biology

Machine learning algorithms can predict whether we’ll like an experience or not. But what if we could have an objective measure of our engagement and reaction to a physical experience? Gabriele Cafaro, Digital Technical Director

B&B Italia

B&B hasn’t exhibited at the fair in decades. This year, they will re-enter the Salone with a splash, showcasing their latest products. I won’t miss it! Carlo Casagrande, Senior Product Designer

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Laufen by Snarkitecture

I’m a real fan of Snarkitecture’s work, and the installation they had last year, in the same venue, was one of my personal highlights. Simple, poetic and effective. Chris Miller, Creative Director

Google’s A Space for Being

It’s always interesting to see how brands such as Google present themselves during Design Week. Last year was their first installation, which was quite small. So I’m very curious to see what they are bringing this year. Chris Miller, Creative Director


Cos is also always a must-see, and this year promises to be interesting as they are looking at the theme of the cross-over between digital and physical in architecture. Generally, the best things to see during Design Week for me happen to be the unexpected moments that I discover during the week, such as Bulgari in 2018. There is a continuous flow of messages with friends and colleagues which constantly updates my agenda for the week. Based on events that have caught my eye in previous years, here below are some events I expect to be worth a visit this year! Chris Miller, Creative Director