Events April 4, 2017

DGI Guide to Milan Design Week 2017
Our picks from the program

Simona Sagripanti
Senior CMF Designer
Stefania Perenich
CMF Design Director

Happy Design Week! This year’s Fuorisalone events will be scattered across Milan in various locations.

There are three main locations – Brera, Tortona, and Lambrate – and four smaller regions, San Babila, 5vie, Porta Venezia and Sant’Ambrogio. Outside of these areas you will find independent locations with dedicated design projects.
Here is a handful of our recommendations as per where to go and what to see. We hope you’ll find them useful. Have a good one!


Mix It Up 2017
Envisioned and designed by PepsiCo together with Design Group Italia and Mathieu Lehanneur, Luca Nichetto, Fabio Novembre, Chef Davide Oldani, Studio Job and Patricia Urquiola, to mention a few, Mix It Up is part showcase and part innovation incubator, celebrating our past, embracing our present and envisioning our future through an immersive experience that invites attendees to explore and interact. PepsiCo Mix It Up 2017 will introduce LIFEWTR, Lemon Lemon, and the expansion of Alvalle—brands which will transform into experiences in creative and unexpected ways. Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27

03 Milano Salone 2017

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A Capsule of Memorabilia
A creative collaboration between 3M Design and Studio Patricia Urquiola sparks sentimental inspiration in an installation featured at Materials Village on the Central Plaza of SuperStudio, illustrating the importance of preserving memories in to the future through the union of architecture, design and the magic of materials. Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27

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03 Milano Salone 2017

Milano Salone Panasonic GOON


Panasonic’s installation will bring to light an aesthetic awareness and allure of space combined with Panasonic’s imaging and audio technologies. This outdoor exhibition features an installation where Panasonic’s laser projectors, speakers, and lighting create not only an inspiring space for visitors but also stimulate their five senses through touch and sensation. Through this exhibition, Panasonic promotes the “Future Craft” philosophy. Panasonic has been working with GO ON, a joint collaboration of Kyoto craftspeople, who apply time-honored techniques of Japanese crafts to create inspiring, new designs with international and contemporary appeal. This collaboration leads to the theme of this year’s Milano Salone exhibition: “Electronics Meets Crafts.” Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, via Brera 28

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During this year’s Milan design week, Nendo will submerge 30 of its new vases in an aquarium so that they gently move around like jellyfish. The Jellyfish Vases are made from ultrathin transparent silicon, which has been dyed twice to make it look like it is just a silhouette when submerged in its water-filled display. Through its design, Japanese studio Nendo hoped to redefine the conventional role of a vase. The installation, hosted at the Jil Sander store in Milan, will feature both flowers and vases floating inside the tank. The installation forms part of Nendo’s Milan exhibition, titled Invisible Outlines, which takes place at the Jil Sander showroom on Via Luca Beltrami. Here, an additional 16 works will also be on show for the first time, including collaborations with Alias, Cappellini, Flos and Glas Italia. Jil Sander showroom on Via Luca Beltrami

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Yuri Suzuki will be installing 30 swinging pendulums in the courtyard of one of Milan’s oldest school buildings. Each pendulum is equipped with a speaker playing a calming ambient bassline, while artificial intelligence modulates sounds that are being made in the space – creating an “ever-evolving, meditative calming atmosphere”. Audi City Lab in Corso Venezia 11 negli spazi dell’ex Seminario Arcivescovile

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COS X Studio Swine 02 660X440

San Babila

COS introduces the ‘new spring’; a collaborative installation with london-based studio swine which is set to run throughout the Milan Design Week 2017. Studio swine, an artistic duo between Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and british artist Alexander Groves, will create an immersive, multi-sensory experience that, with the name of ‘new spring’, reflects the optimism and renewal that results from seasonality. The exhibition amazes through the no small feat of ‘encapsulating a lifespan of emotions in an instant‘ and aims to evoke memories of joy and vitality. Cinema Arti, via Pietro Mascagni 8

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The enormous 840-seat cinema and historic Galleria play host to a combination of culture, entertainment and commerce – the very essence of Milan Design Week. MULTIPLEX becomes a platform for fresh ideas, classic design and innovation, with a series of collaborators working on radical interventions on the theme of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

IKEA will run a Film Festival at MULTIPLEX, highlighting the DELAKTIG ‘living platform’ project, our collaboration with the international behemoth. DELAKTIG is an experiment that challenges the conventional methods of creation and distribution of furniture and explores the notions of adaptability and futureproofing. The Bed-Sofa will be shown for the first time at MULTIPLEX. Cinema Manzoni, via Manzoni 40

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Belgium Is Design 02 660X440


The 2017 edition of ‘A Matter of Perception’ will see Mosca Partners and DAMN° return to Palazzo Litta during Milan Design Week together again with some of the most interesting protagonists in international design. The third edition of the ‘A Matter of Perception’ exhibition will explore the theme of LINKING MINDS. Very often good ideas are generated by closed encounters and long lasting collaborations. The goal is to create an exhibition that lends into the creative process between two or more persons. Ideas that grow from scratch through a mix of friendship, mutual trust and experience. Resulting in a wonderful final project. Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24

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Milano Design Village

Inhabits — Milano Design Village, the first edition of a unique exhibition of its kind, dedicated to the world of design and architecture and to the ways of living and to live the urban space. Protagonists of the event, from 4th to 9th of April, in Piazza del Cannone in Milano, are the housing units and the traveling urban spaces. An area of 700 square meters surrounded by Parco Sempione, near the Castello Sforzesco, where the public of the Milano Design Week can visits the installations, stop, recharge and entertain themselves every day with the musical events, with a daily evening program of concerts and DJ Set on a stage of 80 square meters designed by a studio of young Italian architects. A Food Court with the best of street food is present throughout the week. Zona Sant’Ambrogio

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Ventura Lambrate Living Corriere 03 660X440

Ventura Projects

Ventura centrale

Ventura Centrale is Ventura Lambrate’s big sister and the latest addition to the 8th edition of Ventura Lambrate. Located in the warehouses of Milan’s Central Station that have been closed off for thirty years and were once used as laboratories, studios and depots. Designers with installations include Nichetto e Ben Gorham per Salviati, Lee Broom, Daniel Gonzales and Maarten Baas. via Ferrante AportI 15

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Robots, machines, algorithmic agents, data, networks, as well as instrumental and prosthetic technology, are feeding a prospective world where new post-human species play an increasingly central role in our day-to-day lives.
Against this backdrop, “Posthuman – When Technology Embeds Society” is an exhibition designed to be a reflection on experience: it invites us to ask ourselves what the nature of the relationship between humans and advanced technology really is.
The centrepiece is a 10-metre installation – “Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures” by Russian designer and researcher Maria Yablonina – in which three wall-scaling robots interact with each other to construct a suspended shelter-structure, inspired by the way in which spiders weave their strong networks of webs. via Privata Giovanni Ventura 15

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IKEA Festival
Taking place over six days during the Salone del Mobile furniture fair, the IKEA Festival will present a diverse program of music, design, live acts and interactive performances celebrating the brand’s founding principle of democratic design.
The festival will be located in a vast warehouse space in Milan’s Lambrate district, laid out around different stages, which will host a program of events from 10am to 8pm each day.
The Soft Spot stage is a calm space for hanging out and recharging, which will feature daily yoga sessions in the morning and a collaborative digital music performance in the evening by Swedish synthesizer company Teenage Engineering. The stage will also host a series of talks with designers including Tom Dixon and brands such as HAY. Via Ventura 14

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Isola Design District 01 660X440

Isola Design District


A renewed format by Source to accompany designers in the development of their projects and to help the companies in the field in finding new professionals. The event will take place at Frida, a historic club in Milan, in the heart of the Isola quarter, a new district of Fuorisalone. Via Antonio Pollaiuolo 3

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Studio Fotografico Gianni Rizzotti

Highlights fom the program:

-A robot producing 3D printed objects for the whole week, a R&D project by Caracol Design Studio in partnership with WeMake.
– Suspended Garden by Bici&Radici, a Milanese project on the theme of sustainability
-modular suspended lamps Junit, realized by the German firm Schneid Lighting & Furniture
-Patrick Palcic will offer to visitors an innovative fragrance experience with his two projects: Odor Per Imbrem, which emits bubbles of different fragances, and Copper Clock, which uses fragrances to indicate the hour.
-The design studio Zup Design is presenting Lighted, an installation with floor and suspended lamps projected by the designer Marco Williams Fagioli.
via Pastrengo 14

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