Events April 14, 2016

CEO Indra Nooyi visits Mix It Up
Milan Design Week

Sari Peltonen
Communications Director

Today at Milan Design Week, PepsiCo’s CEO, Indra Nooyi, one of the world’s most influential people in business will be attending a tour of Mix It Up with designer Mauro Porcini and the design team.

PepsiCo Design Center has collaborated with Design Group Italia, Fabio Novembre, Benjamin Hubert, Karim Rashid, and other designers to showcase an interactive and engaging exhibit by creating pop culture by blending creativity, design, fashion, music, sport, and culinary art in unique and unexpected ways.

“Here at Milan Design Week, PepsiCo Design Center will showcase how our focus on innovation enables experiences that shape not only what is next in design, but in culture itself. PepsiCo’s Mix It Up space, created in partnership with some of the world’s famous designers, provides an opportunity for visitors to explore and interact with our latest brand creations. We invite everyone to capture and share their experiences on social media and join us in the co-creation of the future,” said Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo.

Mix It Up 2016 12

The Mix It Up space, envisioned by Design Group Italia, showcases PepsiCo Design’s recent innovations across its leading brand portfolio of snacks, beverages and nutrition products – from product packaging and branding to equipment, and experiences. There is much to see and do at this year’s event, such as F!ZZ bar, the centerpiece of Mix It Up which offers an exciting variety of cocktails. Additional drinks are being served at Pepsi Spire 2.0, a digital fountain that lets consumers personalize their own beverages with a selection of PepsiCo drinks. Make sure to stop for some teatime fun at The Tea House Café where visitors can discover the enjoyment of Pure Leaf tea through a guided tea tasting with a sommelier. See the future of vending with helloGoodness, the future of healthier vending and the PepsiCo Solar Cart, a mobile vending unit that is the first of its kind by bringing mobile energy and ice-cold refreshment to areas with less access to direct power sources. Of course, this is just a small sample of what is on display at this year’s Mix It Up event. Visit Mix It Up until April 17th at Via Privata G, Bugatti 9, Milano.