Awards November 21, 2017

Three ADI Design Index honors to DGI

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ADI index honor

MEG, Fingbox and Mix It Up by Pepsico, were awarded the prestigious ADI Index Excellenze della Lombardia last night.

MEG is the world’s first indoor automated greenhouse, 100% Open Source, connected to the Internet.

Fingbox is a device that secures your home Internet network and keeps it running smoothly. We helped the San Francisco-based Fing team with the industrial and product design as well as engineering. Fingbox was listed on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where it went on to secure an impressive 1744% of the target funding in record time.

Mix It Up by PepsiCo was an immersive, interactive space dedicated to design collaborations and exhibitions by leading talent during Milan Design Week 2016. The Mix It Up event showcased PepsiCo’s recent innovations across its leading brand portfolio of snacks, beverages, and nutritional products. We developed the layout, lighting, and coordinated and managed the construction of Mix It Up.

ADI Design Index is awarded by ADI, the Italian association for industrial design. It’s a collection of the best of Italian design put into production, selected by ADI design permanent observatory every year.

Congratulations to our clients and our team!