New York
We help our clients expand their markets, while tapping into the trends of the ultimate melting pot.

Interior design of design group Italia new York office

Located in SoHo, our New York team oversees North American research and design activities, supporting both American and European companies.

European Companies

The North American market is immense and unique. We guide our European clients in the intricacies of designing for the US – translating the company’s DNA for an American customer. We take the time to explain American nuances and idiosyncrasies, so our clients are successful.

Product design of Helmet for 3M
multinational lay's logos

American Companies

Our transatlantic view on design has helped American companies succeed in a global market. Thinking beyond the US and helping ward off European competitors. Our NY team works closely with designers in our other locations around the world, who bring diverse cultural perspectives to each project.

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Gabriel Zangari
Managing and Design Director, New York
+1 (347) 951-4350
WeWork, 609 Greenwich St
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