Lighting design
We illuminate objects and spaces to engage and interact with.

We exploit the latest lighting technologies to deliver meaningful solutions to enhance the relationship between people and their environment. New value is discovered for clients through a deep understanding of cutting-edge light culture and technology.

What we do

Architectural lighting design
Proof-of-Concept prototyping

Product lighting design
Radio/Photometric analysis
Small series & one-offs

Lighting UX/UI
Strategic consultancy
Scientific research scouting

Technology R&D
Optical engineering
On-site commissioning

How we work

Our projects range from consulting and R&D to lighting product design, to the illumination of spaces. We guide our clients through the values of utilizing lighting technology, working side by side with them to turn a concept into reality, from start to finish.

Our on-site studio allows us to use a hands-on approach to prototype and test a wide array of electromechanical solutions. If needed, we activate our network of research institutions, radiometric laboratories, and specialized manufacturers, too. Because of the nature of light itself, we work cross-disciplinarily with product designers, engineers, experiential spaces designers, as well as UX/UI, IoT, and CMF specialists.

lighting design graphs
lighting prototyping
team working at retreat at blue lagoon iceland

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