A new brand takes flight

Cliente Pancibus
Industria Food & Beverage
Expertise Consumer branding

Branding and packaging for the food sector

Pancibus, a New York-based artisanal food producer, set out to enter the highly competitive specialized food sector. We empowered the company with branding and packaging design that stands out for its fusion of unique flavors from various parts of the world.
A new brand needs purpose and a narrative for the customers to connect with. To illustrate Pancibus as a brand that transcends classic flavor cliches, we crafted the metaphor of a migrating bird, a truly free animal that knows no borders. While the inside represents the cycle of creation, iteration, and observation.
The earthy tones of the packaging represent the flavors inside the bottles and are bold enough to pop out on the shelves.
The new branding and packaging positions Pancibus at the global crossroads of innovation and imagination, paving the way for future growth a new product development with culturally inspired flavors.

Pancibus consumer branding

Jesus and Gabriel from Design Group Italia, were tasked with creating a unique captivating branding package for our flagship product Chalsa. The duo went above and beyond, and brought my imagination & vision for our product to fruition. I am excited for my company's journey and look forward to using DGI in a future pipeline of projects.

Thomas Penaherrera, Founder
Pancibus consumer branding
Pancibus moodboard styling direction
Pancibus social media branding
Pancibus social media branding
Pancibus behind the scenes still life photography
pancibus branding street poster

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