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Building a new corporate global identity

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Cliente Negri Bossi
Industria Manufacturing & IndustrialTechnology
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After twenty plus years of collaboration together, Negri Bossi asked us to partner with them in developing their new corporate visual language and applying it coherently within their new product design.

Founded in 1947, Negri Bossi is a leading Italian supplier of premium injection molding machines around the globe. With Negri Bossi’s evolution into electric injection molding machines came the perfect opportunity to rebuild their global corporate identity.

brand book of negribossi
Tools for branding strategy
Corporate presentation for negribossi

Setting the strategic pillars

We started with a deep dive workshop to evaluate the company’s current positioning, target audience, and key-competitors – focusing on communication methods, deck analysis, positioning, and offering. Together, we set the framework for Negri Bossi’s new strategic pillars, synthesized in our “DGI brand platform” which defines all key assets of the brand strategy (positioning and USP, key brand values, brand description, brand personality, tone of voice, and the core target drivers).

Looking to the future by evolving brand recognition

Aligning with the results from the global brand perception research, we evolved the corporate identity to be more contemporary while maintaining brand recognition and leveraging the current globally recognized design equity of the brand.

The challenge was creating a solid, breaking new brand language: a clear communication hierarchy, a new tone of voice, new photographic style for the machines, introducing secondary graphical devices to enhance the premium look.

re-design of logo for negribossi

Applying consistency to global communications

To create global consistency and coherency between online and physical applications we applied the new language to the new visual system. In particular, we aimed to achieve a simple, clear, and sophisticated style highlighting the distinct features of the machines. When applied to the product brochure this logic creates a real sales tool for the Negri Bossi sales force.

negribossi machine brochure
brand book of negribossi
technical sheet of negribossi machine

Negri Bossi Fairs Stands

Fairs are an important part of the Negri Bossi sales calendar. We designed the Negri Bossi stand to attract attention in the busy fair hall. The stand is open and inviting, showcasing what Negri Bossi can do for their clients.

negribossi booth

In addition, we extended the corporate identity to the touchpoints including deck templates, corporate stationery, and digital applications such as a newsletter, merchandising, website. All of this was covered by the corporate guidelines, distributed to all subsidiaries, to facilitate the deploy and the management of the new corporate identity on a global perspective.

corporate design of negribossi
web design and app for negribossi
application of negribossi logo

A naming system for a new proposition

As Negri Bossi was evolving its strategy from selling machines to selling complete solutions in one platform, based on several specific technologies (electric, hydraulic, or hybrid), we needed to find a name for the new range of products and a nomenclature system able to communicate their high innovation. With the name (Nova), in place, we were able to brand the wide offerings of models, powers, and technology. We specially connotated the graphic design of the word Nova to ensure that Negri Bossi could copyright the word.

portfolio of negribossi machine
logo design of negribossi


Negri Bossi now has global consistency, with clear, simple-to-understand communications, a well-defined product portfolio, and a 5-year roll-out plan that reintroduces them to the market as a provider of integrated platforms and global solutions for injection molding.

All this was achieved because we partnered with Negri Bossi first on a strategic level, collaborating with marketing, sales, innovation, production, from key markets all around the world to work as one team.

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