Food innovation
We help the food industry stay ahead of the curve

We research people’s ever-changing needs, concerns,
and desires to develop new experiences for evolving behaviors.

What we do

Product Ideation
Trend research
Market audit and benchmarking
Product Strategy and positioning

Packaging R&D
Tech scouting
Exploring sustainable options
Proof of principle prototyping

Food R&D
Concept formulations
Edible prototypes

Front-end innovation

As designers trained to work for a wide variety of industries, we have developed a range of professional skills that prove particularly effective in front-end innovation and research. Together with our clients, we explore new areas, quickly capturing the key drivers and constraints, identifying people’s functional and emotional needs. Then we develop concrete, convincing, and desirable solutions by connecting those needs to technological opportunities and clear value propositions.

Food Design in DGI's kitchen
Food Design in DGI's kitchen

Product strategy and ideation

We partner with our client’s marketing and R&D teams to make their NPD processes faster and more effective. Our collaborative methodology is based on co-design and allows us to fully exploit the client’s wealth of knowledge and develop ideas that make sense for people, the brand, and the business.

Together, we develop new value propositions, brand and portfolio strategies, and food and packaging ideas.

Food and packaging R&D

Our network of food technologists, packaging suppliers, and food suppliers enables us to identify and develop food and packaging innovations that are relevant for our clients.
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packaging design for Parmacotto United States
DGI kitchen space

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the home of our food lab. It boasts a state-of-the-art professional kitchen where our food designers work with clients to develop and test new food products and flavors. The kitchen also serves as a space for the workshops and events we organise.
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We don’t just bring creativity to our clients, but also clarity about the potential of the ideas they already have.

Federico Casotto, Design Manager

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