Experiential Spaces
We design experiences in physical spaces

We design experiences in physical spaces transforming the values of the customer, the project, the brand and the communication campaigns

The Experiential Spaces team is a hybrid and crossdisciplinary set of people with different capabilities that run through strategy, creativity, experience design, interior design, digital interactive design, spatial design, customer experience and communication that work together to create unique and meaningful omnichannel experiences. We transform the brand values, the business purposes and the customer behavioural needs in omnichannel customer journeys and physical spaces to be lived and visited.

What we do

Experience design
Strategy design 

Spatial and interior design
Service design


Lighting design
Brand and communication 

Phygital experience design
Digital and interactive design 

Our skills apply to various projects and areas

brand activation space with lit graphics

Brand Activation Experience

Window shop of Blue lagoon store

Retail Experience

Cocoon in the retreat at blue lagoon

Destination Experience

3M customer innovation center interior

Corporate Experience

How we work

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to have a strategic vision of the project and to draw the experience in space so that it is coherent, efficient and integrated both towards the business strategies, branding, marketing of the company and towards the needs and habits of the final consumer. We collaborate within complex work ecosystems with a multitude of interlocutors and partners, bringing the value of the design strategy into the process.

Understanding of the context, of the business objectives, of the company and of the brand, of the needs and habits of the consumer and of the technological, digital and spatial assets available for the design.

Design Strategy

Definition of the design strategy starting from the brand, defining the target archetypes, the guidelines for the physical, digital, communicative and technological experience.

Concept Design

Design of the experience concept starting from the brand or campaign assets to define the customer journey, the consumer-touchpoint / space interactions, the design of the physical space, followed by the phygital and digital integration, the design of the furniture and furnishings, as well as graphic variations. In this phase we work on several fronts with our brand specialists, service designers, spatial designers, tech experts and digital specialists to respond to the omnichannel needs of the experience.


During the implementation phase, our designers work to produce all the executive materials for the creation and production of the physical and digital elements and to collaborate and discuss with the producers and executive partners to ensure perfect execution aligned with the proposed design.

Installation & support

We are always present during the construction and installation phase to verify the implementation and the correct insertion, positioning and operation of the elements of the space, as well as to test and optimize where necessary.

working on the computer in the garden
service design workshop
sketching design
selecting samples
chef table in construction

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